Breast Awareness in Women

Women over the age of 20 are encouraged to be more aware of their bodies in general, especially in regard to breast awareness. Knowing your own breasts and being familiar with their appearance and feel, will aid you in recognizing any abnormalities.

breast awarenessGetting regular breast examinations is essential for helping to identify any possible irregular changes on the feel or look that may lead to early recognition of breast cancer disease. This is the important breast awareness five-point code that includes:

  1. Attend breast screening programs for women over the age of 50.
  2. Do not delay in seeking professional care for any detected changes on your breast.
  3. Identify the changes to look for during your breast examination.
  4. Be familiar with the normal look and feel of your breast, and
  5. Identify what is normal for your breast.

A woman who has breast awareness must know what changes to look out for that may involve the appearance, feelings, lumps, and nipple change. Change in appearance can be a change in the shape or outline of the breasts especially if resulted from lifting the breasts or the movement of one’s arms. It can also be dimpling or wrinkling of the skin. Any unusual feeling of pain or discomfort in the breasts should not be disregarded especially if it is persistent already. Lumps are the most common sign of breast cancer. If a woman notices any bumpiness or thickening of mass on any of her breast or armpit, arrange to see a doctor right away. Nipple change and nipple non-milky discharge are also important points in being aware of one’s breasts. Women must watch out for moist reddish or bleeding areas on her breast that do not heal easily. A simple nipple rash should not be ignored as well.

For menopausal women, breast awareness is also vital. Their breasts experience different feelings at different periods of the month. Some women feel their breast lumpy and tender especially on the areas near the armpits. While some women experience activeness on their milk-producing breast tissue just days prior start of their menstruation. After these pre-menopausal manifestations, breasts are back to the normal not lumpy, less firm, and feel soft form.

Women ages 50 and above are persuasively recommended to undergo breast screening programs that offer routine mammography procedures in order to detect earliest stages of breast cancer. Such procedure is not recommended for women below 50 because it is not said to be beneficial.

Though there are many reasons for possible changes happening in a woman’s breast, it is still very important to have the breast awareness. Some of these changes could be harmless at first but it could still be the first sign of cancer, thus it is important to see a doctor right away and do not delay. If you experience any small irregularity or abnormality in your breasts, tell your doctor immediately. In this way, cancer can be detected at its earliest stage if it’s present. The sooner it is diagnosed, the simpler the treatment. While breast cancer is very unusual in women below 40, the possibility of development increases along with the age.

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